Steampunk File Folder Journal

For February’s Challenge, I created an incredible Steampunk File Folder Journal. Using the Gecko Galz digital images, see links below, I assembled a clever journal that can grow as new ephemera are added.

There are loads of tutorials on creating a file folder journal on YouTube. For the cover, I used various digital images from Gecko Galz’ Steam Punk Dreamland Collage. I enlarged them to fit the size of the cover. Inside, I added two surprises: a pull down using and a horizontal envelope. Both envelopes had windows that I took advantage of by adding imagery behind.

The two flaps can hold mini journals.

The journal was created using more digital images and tea-stained notebook paper. I had fun adding images to the pages.

My favorite feature is the pull down with the Oscar Wild quotation.

I spy with my little eye a steampunk cat peering out at me!


Steam Dream Tin Toppers:

Steam Punk Dreamland Collage:

Some of the images are from the annual Gecko Galz Kit Club.

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