I’m Teaching Art at Michael’s

Passion Changes Everything

Come join me as we explore art journaling. Topics will vary throughout the year. The theme for August is Basic Art Journaling. It showcases how to begin creating an art journal.


This workshop highlights the inexpensive items used to begin art journaling. Materials are readily available at all Michael’s stores. Topics covered include setting up the journal, applying gesso, laying down paint, using found items to make patterns and marks, and how to affix ephemera to a page. Fee: $25

Register: https://www.michaels.com/classes-and-events/classroom#id=art-journal-basics-class-atl-kennesaw

The Michael’s is located in Kennesaw, GA on Barrett Parkway. Attendees must register in advance.

This is the perfect entry-level class for those curious and a kick-starter class for those already creating journals.

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