A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Two page spread.

Growing up, my grandmothers used to recite this phrase. Honestly, I never understood its meaning until college. Decades later as I learn to hand embroider, I remind myself the importance of looking back on stitches to ensure they properly pulled through before moving on as not to waste thread. Gecko Galz September theme is based off of the lovely sewing digital images available in their Etsy shop.

I incorporated book pages from a 1931 pocket manual and added enlarged images from the Sew Vintage set, link below. I also tore two houndstooth pattern pages creating ribbon-like strips. I love the scrapbook feel of these pages.

One girl sewing.

I used the software program Canva to overlay the girl onto another sewing card. I printed out sewing accessories from The Graphics Fairy. I printed the houndstooth page and ripped for a ribbon-like appearance. For added page strength, I glued two pages together.

Two girls sewing.

I went back to basic scrapbooking for this page. I enlarged the two girls and fussy cut out. I used another piece of the houndstooth page and added more sewing accessory images.

I like how the pages display in the open book. I may continue working on pages and convert the companion into an altered book or attempt to capture the feel in another larger altered book I have going. Who knows!


Sew Vintage, https://www.etsy.com/listing/1295905203/sew-vintage-digital-collage-set?click_key=8b62bdc01f70ee0d0ed7128988f6b7f67ed98411%3A1295905203&click_sum=b28943f9&ga_search_query=sewing&ref=shop_items_search_7&pro=1.

It’s a Mystery, free page from Gecko Galz, https://geckogalzscrapbooking.blogspot.com/p/free-blog-hop-sheets.html.

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