August Challenge: Asian Myths Mini Book

I was back on YouTube looking for inspiration when I found a tutorial on how to make a mini book. Measuring 6 x 5 1/2″, this book was adhered with Elmer’s glue. No kidding!

Cover of the mini book.

First, take 5 pieces of cardstock and cut to 6 x 6″. Then take 2 additional pieces and cut score at 1/4″. (You can use more pages.) Glue the 1/4″ score to the 6 x 6″ sheets. This creates an accordion book.

I took Asian themed paper from the Far East Fun Digital Craft Kit and adhere throughout. I also found Asian paper from The Graphics Fairy and complimented.

The cover image was created in Canva. I superimposed the three ladies onto a traditional Japanese piece of art.

On the inside, I created a pocket from scrapbook paper I already owned. I glued a digitally altered image to the top. Again I superimposed another Gecko Galz image onto one of their papers.

I made handwritten noted as I researched Japanese mythical animals. I used purple ink onto yellow lined paper and then tore out. I glued throughout the book to make it look like a travel log.

For the center spread, I created another digital image by merging two Gecko Galz images. I glued scrap book paper over more scrapbook paper. Then I adhered the image with the notes on the kitsune. I imagined that the girl was a shapeshifting fox.

One of the sacred animals in Japan is a dragon. I used the Gecko Galz dragon image and added it to the image of the woman holding the black cat. Gecko Galz paper is used for the background. Here, I imagine the cat is taunting the dragon, just as mine would! The image is glued onto another Gecko Galz background paper, with a scrap book page.

One of the images I created used a Gecko Galz image of a watercolor painting with a koi fish superimposed on top of. I then glued it atop of the black koi fish background paper from Gecko Galz. I find this page soothing.

Back of the mini book.

I couldn’t resist adding another digitally altered image to the back. Here the whimsical young Asian woman with the umbrella appears to be walking inside another famous Asian painting. She is pure spunk!

Gecko Galz has a vast array internationally themed collections at fantastic low prices. The images are easy to manipulate on the computer.

Here are the images that I digitally altered, close up[:


Asian Art Digital Collage:

Far East Fun Digital Craft Kit,

Little Asian Girls Digital Collage:

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