Wanderlust, My Interpretation

Some of the lovelies that I created for the tri-fold travel journal.

“Wanderlust” means a “strong desire to travel.” Oh boy! Don’t I know. The last three years of COVID has given me such cabin fever. My travel bucket list has grown. Keeping busy during the various lockdowns, I was conducting a lot of research of my family tree. I’ve added a few more destinations based on this research. One of the surprises I uncovered was a link to Bohemia.

Since the October theme is Bohemia, I held off on using those digital images. Instead, I turned to the “Tattoo Summer Craft Kit” and the “Tattoo Girls” pages. They’re playful and a lot of fun!

I created another travel journal. Yes, I know. Travel journals are my go-to creations. I love the versatility of them. I can upcycle the junk mail envelopes I receive. Seems like a win-win.

The thing that makes this project unique is that I did not alter the images. I printed them out as-is. This is a great example to show how you don’t need to use software programs to digitally alter the images. I added ephemera to make the items pop.

I printed out the background paper from another online digital subscription website. The pages matched the tattoo girls perfectly.

Use 3 junk mail envelopes and glue the flaps to create the travel journal. I used a circle punch to show the openings. I took a Sharpie marker to outline the openings.

The digital sheets included tags and labels. I glued them to recycled McDonald’s bags, ensuring that there wasn’t any food particles on them. I affixed some of the Tattoo Girls to the tags, punched holes, set eyelets, and tied off with ribbon.

The little journal was created with book pages and scrap background paper. I glued a piece of lace to the front.

The small paper pad was also easy to create. I folded another piece of scrap paper in half. I scored the top to 1/4 inch. I cut down college-ruled paper to fit inside. I stapled the paper inside at the top. Then I glued another image to the front. Simple!

I finished off the travel journal by sewing along the edges. I added some of the other images I cut out. I tied off the tri-fold with a piece of twine. It fit the vibe!


Tattoo Summer Craft Kit: https://www.etsy.com/listing/816507567/tattoo-summer-craft-kit?click_key=80cc2dff3123195afed8b01f69d6c1df67c87736%3A816507567&click_sum=15119ba6&ga_search_query=tattoo&ref=shop_items_search_1.

Tattoo Girls: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1044856258/tattoo-girls-digital-collage-set?click_key=54f2e02713eb3feb06779fbc87877f9632b94fa7%3A1044856258&click_sum=1c85a559&ga_search_query=tattoo&ref=shop_items_search_2.

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