Fais un bon voyage!

Vintage travel journal.

Gecko Galz June theme is La Vie Paris. I decided to create a Victorian era travel tri-fold that holds ephemera that I might have collected. It was fun to dream of Parisian travels.

I created the tri-fold using a junk mailer. I enlarged two background images from the Le Vie en Rose Kit and Parisian Garden. I glued to the inside. I sewed a fussy line around the outer edges. Next, I glued a piece of scrapbook paper onto the backside of a brown paper bag. This added bulk. I folded up one edge to create a pocket. I secured with wet glue. I then glued a piece of pink ribbon across.

I glued two doolies for texture and added a few images from the kit. I printed out an old Paris map and added tea bags to dye. Once dried, I crumpled to make vintage and folded to insert into the pocket.

Inserts for the journal.

I created several pieces to include as souvenirs. I printed out the small postcards and backed with brown paper bags.

Faux filmstrip.

I created a faux filmstrip using Canva. I removed the background on the feather filmstrip. I then added miniature vignettes. I used French script for the background. The figures appear as if they posed in a photo booth. I printed and fussy cut around, then I glued to another brown paper bag scrap. I added a piece a washi tape and sewed across the bottom.

Puss-in-Boots card.

I digitally collaged the distressed card using Canva. I added Puss-in-Boots to the Eiffel Tower card. I overlayed a clothing tag and then an admit one ticket. I printed it to the size of an ATC (Artist Trading Card), 2.5″ x 3.5″. I glued to a larger piece of book page from a Nancy Drew book. I love the chapter title of “Warning”! I added washi tape across the top, rounded the corners, and then distressed using Tim Holtz Vintage Photo.

French Cat Queen.

The last item is my favorite. I collaged a postcard using Canva. I overlayed the birds postcard stamp onto a background page. Next, I overlayed a cropped cat head from the Paris Flea Market Stamps onto a Parisian woman. I printed out and straight cut the rectangle. I glued onto a piece of scrap book page remnant of a gel plate print. I sewed along the faux postcard and added washi tape. I rounded the corners and distressed using Tim Holtz Vintage Photo.

I’ll be doing a similar journal for the July challenge. Stop back to see!

Links to Gecko Galz products:

Le Vie en Rose Kit, https://www.etsy.com/listing/1012790830/le-vie-en-rose-junk-journal-kit?click_key=80a6e39b34c49253bd025b49341431cf5f681080%3A1012790830&click_sum=e1167acd&ga_search_query=paris&ref=shop_items_search_9&pro=1

Paris Flea Market Digital Stamp Set, https://www.etsy.com/listing/471478171/paris-flea-market-digital-stamp-set?click_key=aa68ccb959314bccec03cef35a7ccc10122cc6b7%3A471478171&click_sum=fc7eeb62&ga_search_query=paris&ref=shop_items_search_3&pro=1

Parisian Garden Kit, https://www.etsy.com/listing/514725961/parisian-garden-craft-kit?click_key=1cdf70e8b48745195d60fa76d5afea2f0152af69%3A514725961&click_sum=63ba1e5f&ga_search_query=parisian&ref=shop_items_search_6&pro=1

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