Mardi Gras Paper Dolls

Mardi Gras Paper Dolls

Every month, Gecko Galz has a theme. While I create projects based on the theme of the month, I also create other projects. My second project this month are Mardi Gras Paper Dolls. Aren’t they cute!

My family’s love for New Orleans runs deep. My parents began taking me to NOLA in the late 70s. We’ve carried on that tradition for the many years I’ve been married. I was visiting my daughter at Tulane University last week and came down with Mardi Gras Fever!

The obvious project for me was to create Mardi Gras Paper Dolls. These are incredibly easy to assemble. I used Adobe Elements to capture the individual images, except for the wings. However, you can print each image out to size and then collage.

I located these French Fashion ladies from another online image subscription database. I then overly layered various images from Gecko Galz’s Curiosity Shop, At $10, this kit is full of inspiration. I use this kit all the time. Well worth the money!

I didn’t add the wings when using Adobe. The reason is simple: I cut the wings in half to maximize the impact with having to print out extra large butterfly wings. This kit is Butterfly Wings Digital Collage Set,, and costs $2.

One way to add a bit of whimsy to your pieces is to add butterfly wings. You will see more wings in the coming months.

I printed each doll and then fussy cut them. I then cut out the butterfly wings and matched them to each doll. I cut each wing in half and taped to the backside. For the Birdcage doll, I added another piece of ephemera. The set is Little Birds, The set is $2. Another great set.

I am going to purchase skewer sticks to display them on. Try this out. There are so many images in the Gecko Galz,, Etsy shop. Have fun!

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