Valentine’s Day Book Paper Pocket

Quick and easy project.

I’ve got a stash of book paper that I’m trying to use. One of the easiest projects is a sewn pocket. For Valentine’s Day, I created one and filled it with large, handmade cards using Gecko Galz digital images.

I doubled the paper to provide some bulk. Using a glue stick, I glued 2 pages together. I trimmed one set taking off about a third of the top text. First, I sewed along the top of the shorter set. This adds a clean border. Next, I aligned the pages and carefully sewed around the edges. Finally, I folded the back (larger) page over to create a flap. I took a bit of pink glitter washi tape to embellish the front and another scrap piece from a scrapbook page to embellish the back. I selected whimsical digital images (links below) to adorn both sides.

I visited The Repurpose Project,, for odds and ends a month or so ago. Someone donated love themed scrapbook paper. When I only need a bit of scrapbook paper in a certain theme, I prefer to purchase it here. I go in with low expectations and walk out with my arms full. This color scheme’s use is limited; therefore, I can use it all up and feel satisfied. Sometimes, the previous owner has already fussy cut some images out, releasing me from my scissor paralysis. I can fussy cut up anything once the initial cut is made!

The paper for the individual cards is thin, one-sided. I trimmed them down to 5 ¾ x 4 inches. I rounded the corners. I made 4. The paper came with a die cut page with numerous images. I removed a few to try. The washi tape and scrapbook boarder reappear. (Use it all up!) I fussy cut out more digital images and started matching them to the colors of the cards. On 3 cards, I affixed pre-made tags from the set and connected with baby brads. The backs are blank. This is a great place to write a message, love poem, or merely sign.

Place the cards back inside and you have a beautiful gift. I made these in under 1 hour. I set aside several sets of papers and sew them in bulk. Then I can pull from the bin when needed.

Let me know how yours come out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Supplies: Book pages, glue stick, sewing machine with thread, washi tape, scrapbook paper pieces, baby brads, die cut images from scrapbook set, corner rounder, and digital images.

Gecko Galz digital image products I used:

Gecko Galz Little Valentine Icon Collage Sheet,

Gecko Galz Little Valentine Scraps,

The Bingo Card is from Gecko Galz Ephemera Days,

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