Halloween Envelope Journal

Faux photograph and tags sit in the pocket.

For Halloween, I decided to make an envelope travel journal. The paper and images are old Stampin’ Up paper and Gecko Galz, current digital products. The journal includes a lot of elements that I create in my junk journals. Specifically, I created faux photographs and tags, along with an envelope. Let’s take a closer look.

In order to make the bones of the journal, I glued together 2 large standard US letter envelopes with 2 smaller envelopes. I used a knife to open the larger envelopes to create flaps and interior pages. I adhered Halloween ribbon to both sides to finish off the outside.

Once I completed the inside, I used the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite hole punch to make the hole. I then tied a cord and wrapped the journal closed.

The inside is packed with loads of ephemera from multiple digital papers from Gecko Galz, https://www.etsy.com/shop/geckogalz?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=203967362.

This is all in the left hand side of the journal.

The middle is created from the sliced open envelopes and reinforced with card stock for strength. I created 2 tuck spots to hold the ephemera cards.

The right hand side is equally packed with ephemera. Here, you can see the faux large envelope where I glued 2 sheets of journal paper from Gecko Galz to look like an envelope. I created a pocket to hold the tags that have different sayings glued on.

Another favorite element is the envelope I created using Halloween themed double-sided card stock. The items are tucked inside, and an aged paper clasp holds it in place inside.

This is a great project that allows for individualization. It sits on a display shelf with the Cabinet Cards I can’t seem to stop making. Happy Halloween!

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