Rolling Cart Organization for Gluebooks

I struggle organizing my studio. My projects spill out of the room and into the dining room and living room. (I have a very patient husband!). One way I’m able to work in different rooms of my house and maximize space is with rolling carts. The best cart is the Råshult Utility cart from IKEA. I’ve set my cart up for working on gluebooks while watching TV. Take a look.

The cart is a 3-tier metal cart. The top bin holds the items I use the most and are easily accessible. I’ve placed my books upright in order to flip to the one I want to add ephemera into. There’s an assortment of glue, scissors, glue mat, and a metal ruler. I’m also working on a LGB (little Golden Book) junk journal. My We-R-Memory Keepers envelope template sits here, as well. I make a lot of envelopes!

The 2nd tier bin holds blank pre-made envelopes (for journal pockets), books I gut for papers, towel, and baby wipes.

The 3rd (bottom) bin holds a composition book I take notes in, scraps in a box, and magazines. A portable cutting board fits awkwardly on top, but I make it work.

I own 3 IKEA utility carts and 1 long Lexington cart purchased from Michael’s. Each IKEA cart houses materials for a different project. I change out the items when I move onto another project. The Lexington currently holds my sewing machine on the top, Cricut Maker, and Brother ScanNCut. Both the Cricut and Brother will be moving into my closet once the shelves are installed this week. My sewing machine can be used without the foot pedal, which I prefer. Therefore, it will remain on the top as it is portable and can be used more.

Try a rolling utility cart. It doesn’t matter where you purchase, as long as, they’re durable.

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