Gluebooks: What I’m Currently Prepping

So, you may be wondering: What is a gluebook? They’re books that you glue ephemera into. Think old school scrapbooks. I’ve been cutting and pasting magazine pages since I was a teenager. I never knew that these books had a name. That was until I found Joie De Fi,, on She has a great playlist on starting and adding to a gluebook.

I’m working in 4 gluebooks: Young Years Library Mother’s Guide to Children’s Reading, 2 Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks, and The School Girls Annual.

I use the gutted pages from the books as scraps for my junk journals. Nearly everything can be up-cycled into another piece of art.

These are works in progress; I’m prepping them for specific purposes. Check back to see their evolution and possible completion. Are any of these truly completed?

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