Shopping Alert: Adventures in Mixed Media Art

Tuesday Morning is a great discount store that carries quite a bit of art supplies. This week, I purchased Adventures in Mixed Media Art (2014) for $3.99. That’s nearly 83% off the list price of $22.99. Bargain!

Amy Jones edited the softbound book. It includes a variety of mixed media lessons for the beginning mixed media artist. There are 20 lessons culled from other bestselling mixed media art books. Don’t let the extensive supply list overwhelm you. Instead, read each lesson to find the ones to begin with and build your supplies from there.

One of my favorite lessons is from Dina Wakley (pp 40-43). I’ve included a portion of my recreation here. When I’m struggling for inspiration, I turn to these books. Sometimes I’ll work my way through from cover to cover. Let this book create a spark in your art!

Circle Girl, 2018. (Portion)

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