Martha Stewart Color Palettes—June

Sample Gelli Pulls with the Martha Stewart palette.

When writers experience writer’s block, they cannot come up with words to craft a piece of writing. It’s the same for artists. When an artist is unable to begin a page in her journal, she is experiencing artist’s block. One fix is a pre-planned color palette.

I search for color palettes everywhere. Your local hardware store carries paint palettes for painting interiors and exteriors of homes. Every year I scout the current color trends and pull the palette cards for colors I like. I may not use them; however, I have a starting point. Then I take the cards to craft stores and color match.

Martha Stewart offers color palettes that match craft paint sold in most craft stores. Her palettes are fresh. She uses the colors in unique combinations that compliment my journaling.

Here, I use the palette from June, consisting of: Wedding Cake, Poodle Skirt, Habanero, Blue Sky, and Wild Blueberry. I used the colors on my gelli plates and created some cool images. Look for the process video.

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