My Studio

"Resting B*"
Mixed media art.
Tour the larger studio here

Studios take time to design. Every studio is different and unique to the artist. Mine is no different. It has taken me 13 years to create my ideal studio. It’s actually divided into 3 separate areas in my basement. Each serves a unique purpose. I absolutely love my studio.

  1. The small room was set up as a sewing room when we moved in. It measures 8 x 8′; wire shelving hung on all sides. This made the room appear smaller than it was. Immediately, I removed the shelves. Over two years, I built a stamp and scrapbook room.

The room feels open. Kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s are on one side. A local rubber stamp store was closing, and I purchased several slat wall boards, containers, stamp shelving unit, and a demonstration island. A wire shelving unit from IKEA rounds out the room. I’ll have a video posted soon.

2. The larger room is my mixed media studio. I completed this room this summer. It was a media room; however, we found that we watch TV upstairs. Here I predominately shopped IKEA for storage and workspace. The teal desk is old and painted. I love hanging artwork from artists I admire. Here you will see a lot of art on the walls, with more to come.

3. The final area is the mini kitchen. It serves as my cutting station. My cutting machines, laptop, iron, and laminator are housed here. Pictures coming soon.

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